Desert Dolls host screening of This is Roller Derby!

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This is Roller Derby




 The new kick-ass doco This Is Roller Derby is coming to Phoenix for a special one-time event!

This colourful and action packed documentary is about all things roller derby; the sport, the culture and some seriously kickass women.

When filmmaker Daniel Hayward set out to make a documentary in 2008 about roller derby, he had little idea he was on the verge of a cultural phenomenon. Since the Adelaide Roller Derby’s formation in 2007, over 68 leagues have formed nationwide, making roller derby the fastest growing women’s sport in Australia.

In the first Australian documentary on derby to be released in cinemas, This is Roller Derby charts the explosion of roller derby in Australia. Through the film the audience is privy to a rare glimpse of an emerging sport through the pioneering leagues of Adelaide, Canberra, Geelong and Ballarat Roller Derby’s. The film also visits the founding American leagues such as TXRD Lonestar Rollergirls and the Texas Rollergirls.

I am a big sports fan,” says filmmaker Daniel Hayward. He stumbled across derby ‘bouts’ in his hometown of Reservoir in suburban Melbourne. He describes attending the first bout as “stepping onto another planet… It blew my mind that all these cool, inner city women were travelling all the way out to Reservoir to play Roller Derby.”

 Desert Dolls Roller Derby says “we are very excited to be holding the only screening of this film in our town. This is an event not to be missed!”

Roller Derby was revived in Austin Texas in 2001. An amateur only sport, it focused on athleticism, community, sisterhood and, most of all, attitude. Currently there are over 1,240 amateur all-female, co-ed, or male leagues skating flat-track and banked-track Roller Derby in approximately forty countries around the world.

The film’s director Daniel Hayward is available for interview upon request.

For more information or to request an interview please contact Desert Dolls Roller Derby:

P: 623-252-0418


Tickets are available online!

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