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Arizona Foothills Magazine Article

Posted 12 Mar 2011 in Press

Check out some great info about the roller derby climate in Arizona. Click here to read more.

February 26th, 2011 Bout Recap

Posted 06 Mar 2011 in News, Press

Feb. 26th DDRD Bout - Shotgun Shirleys vs Pretty H8 Machines

Thanks to all our fans, friends and family who came out to cheer on the Pretty H8 Machines and the Shotgun Shirleys.  Many thanks go out to the Toe Stoppas for entertaining us at halftime.

The first bout for our latest group of Cherries was a roller-coaster of a game, filled with non-stop action and excitement.  The H8s started out strong, showing the audience why they are undefeated this season, easily lapping the Shirleys in what was sure to be an easy victory and a sure shot at the championship game.  The Shirleys put up a good fight against the undefeated H8s.  In what was initially thought to be a minor collision two Shirleys and a H8 went down.  But only one Shirley and one H8 got up.  Everyone took a knee as the paramedics rushed to the side of the fallen skater.  We all waited, almost breathless, until the verdict was announced.  RueBea Rockett had broken her leg, and she was rushed to the hospital by Roxy Mt. High. The Shirleys rallied, spurred on by the loss of two teammates.  The close of the first half saw the Shirleys leading the H8s 71 to 58.  It was then that the H8s realized this would not be an easy victory.  As the second half continued, the score stayed close as both teams played their hearts out. The Shirleys didn’t keep their lead for long, but they made sure the H8s fought for every point.  Ultimately the H8s beat the Shirleys 124 to 107.

Both teams played incredibly well.  Cana Dash from the H8’s and Ragin Rae from the Shirley’s are the undisputed MVPs of last night’s game, and DDRD could not be more proud of each and every one of our girls at the rink last night.


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