Why I Love Roller Derby…

I love that I can express myself through skating, I can be anything I want to be when I skate.  I love that I have made so many new friends and relationships that I feel are going to be long lasting. –Daisy DelaWhorya

Skating is one of the few things that lets me be free from all of my worries, doubts, and life. Skating is my form of meditation — Tangy Skittles

I found a place were my excessive energy is welcomed not judged. — Matador Dali

I get to make new friends and I love sports and being active –– Amelia HitsHard

I love that my size is embraced and sometimes envied. I found a place where then expectations of the world I live in fall away and the only thing that my derby sisters expect of me is to show up and do my best. —  Frida Kihlya

I love derby because it is about being a strong woman and this sport continues to challenge me to find strengths I did not know were there. Plus I met the most amazing friend in my life…Sin A Bare — Bombay

Derby has allowed me to be the person I’ve always wanted to be. Outgoing, social, happy, motivated, and most importantly confident. I’ve struggled with finding a place to fit in, and to be the real me for so long, I feel that derby has given me that opportunity and the chance for that. — Chokehold Chanel

Strong women who have a common denominator whether they know it or not. Built in chosen family. Friendships for life times. Bad day, week, month, or year they are always there! — Zona Danger